Keep on keeping on

Wes Lang

Max Snow and Wes Lang

Max and Wes

Beautiful woman in Wes Lang's studio

Wes with beauti

As Wes put it: "a lot of sick mother fuckers would pay a lot for that photo"

and even moor for this..

Max Snow shooting Wes Lang for purple magazine

I am so lucky and grateful to be working with this two super talented artists!
Max Snow and Wes Lang

From Wes studio

On the wall's of Wes studio

Wes is starting on a new master piece

Wes told us he had just found this and its drawn in pencil. Guess what he payed for it... $9!!

When you walk in you sure get welcomed the right way by Jesus Christ- pigs and skeleton

Shoes A.F Vandevorst

Thank you Max for letting me work with you and Wes on this Purple magazine shoot. I had an amazing time.

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