Magical work trip

Model Nicol and Max Snow in Nevada Desert

Nicole IMG

I love colored smoke bombs

Burning tiers

Nicole and Lili

And firing guns...what else- Max Snow is in charge!

Nicole was shooting that gun like she had done nothing else her entire life

We all got exited when picking up UPS box with Manuel Couture

Of we go... New Mexico here we come...

Camping on the way

How brought this too!! ??

We meet wolf man and shot with wolf's. Mihda from the Magazine adopted a dog. His name ended up being- Bastard-Manuel-Taco-Poncho:-) kart barn har manga namn!

Abiquiu New Mexico

Amazing filmmaker and hot striper Brownwin got on a horse for the first time in her life. "my styling is marvelous, I have to say my self" The older couple that owned the horses did know what was gonna hit them when a big black truck pulled unexpectedly up there drive way on a sunny afternoon..

Santuario Chimayo church with heeling dirt. You were not allowed to take photographs inside the church.

Santos shop

Unfortunately I forgot my camera and my phone broke on the way...For some reason knowing everything and seeing everything that happened on this amazing crazy magical trip was probably for a reason- If you could get arrested from pictures that is. Next time I promise I will bring my camera and share it all- arrested or not.

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