Project Max Snow Moscow

Crow man stroking Max -means good luck and he was going to need it for the following day.

Starting the work trip of with a present from Max:-)

Stopped by Max studio on the way to go up state.

Moor amazing stuff.

on the way we stopped to get gas... These two gave up on the way to some were...

The house we stayed over night was amazing. I mean look at the sign in living room.

Max liked the smell in there too.
Wolf lamp.

Piedro loved it so much he gave us the happy dance..

Photo of child.

Next morning we took a location walk.

Piedro liked that so much that he gave us another happy dance..

Taking of to go meet the lion and bears.

Yes its early and I slept 2hr's!

Morning coffee.

Whats up man.

Time for the lion...

Meet Beast


Beasts girl friend.

Max getting ready to meet Beast.

Lion meets lion..

Trainer with lions.

Whats up man.

Jim Lighting guru.

Behind Max is naked with Beast :-)

He felt like a king when it was over...I would have to if I was looked in for 3 hr's naked with a lion.


Moor props.

Jawbone of an ass-Max had it in his hand when posing with Beast the lion.

And some moor props

Evgeniya Blaze getting ready for the bear.

Getting bear shoot ready.

There it is...Max also switched the shirt up.

It was hand made.. same tailor as Johnny Cash had back in the day.

Thank you For an amazing time and shoot.

Present from Max <3

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