Women & Children

Women & Children formed in Paris in 2001 when Canadian-born keyboardist Cheryl June Serwa and California-born guitarist Kevin Lasting got together with multi-instrumentalist Jamie Moon and drummer Olivier Robert. The band began will all members contributing to the writing collaboratively and switching vocal and instrumental roles. A self titled album appeared in 2003, followed by completely different self-titled limited-edition, embossed wooden box release which contained two 10" vinyl EPs and a live performance DVD.

Around 2006 Women & Children reverted to being a two piece with Serwa and Lasting remaining and recording their second album, 'Paralyzed Dance, Tonight'. I'm not particularly partial to comparing one band with other bands, but if pushed I guess i'd describe the sound of Women & Children as the softer side of Velvet Underground & Nico playing in the woods with Robert Wyatt, joined by a hazier, mellower Comus.

Women & Children have recently toured with both Brighblack Morning Light and Sean Lennon.

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